Closed Die Steel Forgings

Closed die steel forgings, commonly called impression-die forgings, are produced through a multi-step process. At Walker Forge, heated steel is placed in a forging press and compressed in a series of tool steel dies that progressively reflect the mirror image of the desired final shape. Forgings are specified in high load and high-stress applications for a number of reasons, including internal consistency (no pockets or voids), and superior mechanical properties due to optimized grain flow and refinement.


We Specialize in Custom Forgings

At Walker Forge, our primary process is closed-die forging, which involves heating special bar quality (SBQ) steel and forging it to shape to meet your custom specifications.

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At Walker Forge, every day starts with receiving over 300 tons of special bar-quality steel from approved mills. From there, we don’t stop moving, heating and forging steel. See how we perform more services in-house to make us a trusted single-source supplier for customers’ metal forging needs.

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Proven Capabilities that Save Time & Reduce Costs

Sourcing Made Simple

With closed-die presses up to 4,000 tons, as well as heat treating and a range of other value-added services, Walker Forge delivers at the highest level to bring you confidence every day.

Market Expertise

Walker Forge is a longtime partner to top-tier OEMs in challenging industries.


Total Process Parts

Total Process Parts

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