Special Bar Quality Steel Forgings

Special Bar Quality Steel (SBQ) is a type of steel generally used to make closed-die forgings. This steel is produced for its high purity and high strength. This steel is excellent for closed die forging needs because of its higher quality. SBQ steels are at the higher end of the quality spectrum in both cleanliness and metallurgical consistency.

SBQ Steel Applications

SBQ steel with its superior metallurgical properties makes it indispensable in the manufacture of components that are for high-stress applications. These are often safety-critical components such as shafts, gears, axles, drivetrains for automobiles and trucks, aerospace, energy, off-highway vehicles, and industrial capital equipment. The chemistry of our special bar quality steel is verified to your specifications in our metallurgical lab.

At Walker Forge, high-quality forgings start with high-quality steel, so we start with materials from a select group of approved mills. We have a wide range of materials from low carbon to high alloy stainless steel. The material is selected to match your end-use requirements. We handle millions of pounds of Special Bar Quality steel every week to meet your Just in Time delivery demands. Contact us today.

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