Carbon Steel Forgings

In plain carbon steel, carbon and manganese are the only hardenable alloying elements.  The steel can also have sulfur and/or phosphorus additions to improve machinability (1100 and 1200 series).  Carbon steel does not have a built-in chromium-oxide layer like stainless steels, so a rust inhibitor coating is applied to most components after final machining.

As the carbon and manganese content of the steel are increased, the hardness and tensile strength also can be increased with a heat treat operation.  In contrast, a higher carbon content reduces weldability and decreases ductility.

Plain carbon steels are among the least expensive steels and the wear resistance and strength levels are lower than alloy steels of equivalent carbon content.

– Low Carbon steel contains 0.01-0.3% Carbon

– Medium Carbon steel contains 0.3-0.6% Carbon

– High Carbon steel contains 0.6-1.4% Carbon

Carbon Forging Capabilities:

Up to 100 lbs. / 45kg

Up to 100 in2 / 645 cm2

Carbon Steel Grades We Forge:

1000 series

1100 series

1200 series

1300 series

1500 series

At Walker Forge, our primary process is closed-die forging, which involves heating special bar quality (SBQ) steel and shaping it to your custom specifications.

Choose us today for a wide range of sizes and types of forgings, supported by a complete array of value-added services including metallurgical lab testingheat treating, and machining.

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